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 As all will notice becsetest and mmgetest are one and the same.

We are building a new site to run contest from smiles.

We hope you all will enjoy our contest and have fun with our images.

If you would like to see something painted as long as it isn't a nude pic we will be happy to post it.

We have graphic's , Ultra's , Mega's for your enjoyment and we'll also do web pages and desktop pic's.

It is fun seeing what everyone does with the images sent.

We run on a monthly basis from the first of each month to the 26th of each month other than Feb. which will

be due in on the 24th. This will give judges time to score entries and send to Bec to be tallied and give Bec time to make banners and get them and new monthly images posted by the first of each month.

If you are interested in being a judge or know of someone who might be please contact Bec at or . We love to have many judges as we like to get a fresh

opinion on monthly entries.